Polymorf3D 1.2

A bright and colorful screen saver featuring a 3D morphing shape
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If you would like a lovely, bright, shiny animation screen saver with all the colors of the rainbow, then you will love the PolymorF3D 1.2 screen saver program. When your computer goes into stand by mode, you will be presented with mesmerizing 3D circular shapes that spin around the screen morphing and transforming themselves before your eyes. These 3D objects display themselves with shiny colors and you can configure them to suit your own preferences using the various configuration options provided by the program. The screen saver also displays rainbow colored backgrounds and this new version of the program supports wide screen monitor resolutions. It is also suitable for any other available resolution with a color depth of 16-bit (65536 colors) or greater. The Polymorf3D objects displayed on your screen saver can also be configured by you to create a new look of your own. You can apply new textures to them or wrap a texture around an object. There are textures already built in to the program for you to use, including reflective textures that reflect off of the object as it rotates, producing a very artistic effect. However, if you prefer, you can provide your own images to use as textures for applying to the Polymorf object.

R. Fernandez
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